Tips to Dating a Younger Woman

When dating a younger woman or thinking about dating younger, there are a few tips to follow so your relationship stays healthy. There are benefits of dating younger and there are negatives. If the negatives are settled right away, you should have a strong relationship. One of the most important tips for dating a younger woman is to act your age and allow her to act hers. To short track your success, you should check out the girlfriend activation system, which is a professional course designed to help you get the girl of your dreams.

Remain Mature

If you are in a relationship with someone much younger, maturity may be part of what is attractive to her and may be what makes you unattractive later. There is a fine line between being a sexy older man and just being an old guy. Complaining about how your body hurts or how you aren’t young is probably a huge turn-off. Don’t hide that you are mature, just don’t complain about your aches and pains. She wants your wisdom, knowledge and chivalry. Give her all of those and allow yourself to experience her world every once in a while.

Let Her Act Her Age

If she is much younger, you may be in different places in life. She is young, so appreciate her that way. Don’t draw her away from her world, rather enjoy hers and allow her to enjoy yours. It is nice to be prepared to take her to special social events, where her peers would go. Advice and acting critical of her age may feel like you are treating her like a child, so it is unnecessary. When you treat her like an equal, even though you are older, you will be that much more attractive to her.

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The Reality

The reality is that even if you date a younger woman, there will be lazy days. It won’t be all clubs and craziness. She will get tired and want to just stay in and watch TV. Expecting her to always be excited and hyper is probably going to end in some disappointment.


Reassurance is highly needed with most women. Honesty about your past is important and reassurance that she is who you desire in your life is important. Her self-esteem can be damaged if she isn’t reassured enough. This will also allow her to trust you.

There are many tips for dating a younger woman, but really it isn’t much different than dating a woman your age. Make compromises internally for the things you may not understand, as she will have to do the same. If the chemistry is great, keep reminding yourself of why you two are attracted to each other and the relationship will grow.

How to be the Alpha in the Room

It is pretty cool when a guy walks into a room and it seems like everything suddenly revolves around them. This is the guy we call the alpha male. They command attention, they stand out and they have impeccable communication skills so you can be sure that every lady wants to hang around them! So how can you be this type of man? Here are a few tips to help you be a gentleman and an ultimate alpha male.

1. Be original.
Nobody likes a copycat, especially younger women. You might want to avoid the urge to copy another alpha male you may have seen. Have your own set of ideas, of course we are not talking extremely out of this world, but basically, be your own man. Be very decisive and stand by your beliefs because the minute you get swayed by every other person it shows that you are timid. For instance, a friend asks you whether you would like a drink, you must clearly state whether you want one or not. These simple and precise decisions give off a certain type of confidence that shows you are an alpha male.

2. Stand out.
The way you dress should clearly show that you are a confident man with an excellent sense of fashion. If we could summarize this into a sentence we would state the cliché statement ‘dress the way you want to be addressed’. An alpha male always looks dapper and when you spot them in a crowd,it’s the way the get attention, their mode of dressing portrays that they are not your ordinary kind of guy.

3. How do you carry yourself?
When you get into a room, do not wonder whether the people will like you. Instead, you should be the one wondering whether you like them. This is because you are confident in yourself. So your whole demeanor, from the way you walk, stand, talk and act should not be in a way that begs to be liked. One tactic used by alpha males is that they maintain eye contact and use the right gestures when talking.

4. Communication skills.
Be more of a person who listens than talks. An alpha male has the tendency to attract a bunch of women, not because they are necessarily good looking, but because they are excellent listeners. A person who gives off the vibe that they are not in a rush to speak and that they are willing to listen and understand first automatically becomes more attractive.

Being an alpha male is not crazy science that you need to sit and pore over books to get the right tricks. Its all about you, the way you dress, your confidence and the way you communicate with others. Be like a predator, know when to strike and when to hold back.So go out and bring out the alpha male in you!

A Guide to Getting a Girl’s Attention

A lot of men are over anxious to impress women, and most of the times they come across as nervous, loud or obnoxious. It really does not have to be this way, as there are basic ways in which you can grab a woman’s attention without having to go over the top. You do not have to dress fancy or anything, but you certainly have to stand out so that she notices. See, it is easy to get lost in the sea of men out there, and this almost always happens to men who can’t find a way to draw attention to themselves. In this piece, we look at some ways in which you can grab the attention of a girl and retain it.

Watch your body language

A lot of times you will see men trying to approach women, and their body language is just not right. They look hunched over, tired and their shoulders are slumped. In this posture, you come across as tired, needy or even desperate. Women like men who can present themselves as powerful and confident, and this is the kind of aura you want to exude.

Take control

Women like a man who can take charge of a situation. If you are hanging out with friends and they lookup to you for direction, you are undoubtedly going to grab some attention. If you are around a woman, making subtle suggestions about what to do or where to go when she seems stranded, transmits the strong message that you can be in control and you know what to do if put in that position.

Always know what to say

Forget those fancy and not-so fancy lines from the past. Just find a way in which you can get through to her without trying too hard. The most important thing to do here is to grab her attention and avoid awkward conversations because women tend to hate that.

Invest in your own development

We talked about clothes, said that you do not have to be fancy, but you certainly have to take care of yourself. Find a great hairstyle that suits your personality and dress well. Eat right and work out when you can. You do not need to bulk out or anything, but you need to show great health and grooming.

Getting noticed by women is easy, but only if you put your mind to it. All you have to do is be sensitive, look good and exude some manly confidence.